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Emotions – A genuine time machine. These emotions are immersed in the events of human beings centuries ago.

Our exhibition is a unique presentation that combines an educational project with the emotional attraction of our concept.

The concept of this exhibition is based on one basic human instinct – its fear. That is why the modern film industry spends about a third of its budget on horror films.

The “Medieval Torture Collection” shows people just how much suffering humanity can inflict in terms of punitive power when concentrated in the hands of fanatics, madmen, and tyrants.

Based on historical documents and engravings, we have displayed the unprecedentedly cruel atmosphere that prevailed throughout most of the Middle Ages.

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Won’t you be afraid to visit our unique exhibition?

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Why Choose Us?

The first exclusive medieval torture museum in the USA

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it

Hundred of exhibits, dozens of executions, and only one life

We are showing the dark side of progress

Who are you? The tormentor or the tormented? Stand on both sides and find out

We collected evidence against in humanity

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100 Saint George Street,

St. Augustine, Florida.

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